You are applying for a branch of study that takes the form of a 5–year diploma course and belongs to the engineering sciences field of study. To study Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts, you have to pass an entrance exam in which your artistic and technical abilities will be assessed.

The entrance exam for Industrial Design takes place towards the end of February each year. Precise dates and further information can be found at:

What can I expect from the application process?
The application consists of three parts:
The portfolio submission, the entrance exam and an interview.

Modus 2024
This year all parts of the application process will be online. The entrance exam itself and the interview will be via Zoom.
Regarding the portfolio and the interview, you are free to choose between German and English.

Online Registration and Portfolio Submission
Submit your digital portfolio (pdf max. 50MB) between 10th – 26th January 2024 (12:00 NOON! Vienna time) via the central registration tool of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Based on the portfolio we will do a preselection of applicants who will be invited to the entrance exam from 19th – 23th February. The invitation will be sent out no later than 10th February and will also include specific information about the exam mode.

In any case, we would recommend also registering by email to to take part in the entrance exam. This provides valid information and possible updates by email due to adaptations if necessary.

What should I include in my portfolio?
Your portfolio should be able to support any opinions, ideas or arguments that you might like to present during the entrance exam. It should be clear to us by looking at your portfolio what it is that you are interested in and what proficiencies you are already in possession of within the scope of design. Ideally, your portfolio should tell us all the essentials of your application. As you are applying specifically for the course Industrial Design 1, we would also like to see how closely your expectations correlate with what our course has to offer you.

One of the tasks we announce in advance. We expect it as a worked-out part of your digital portfolio:

Take action to trigger a reaction!
Look at Rube Goldberg, Jean Tinguely or Fischli & Weiss as possible references. Document the outcome by means of film (max. 15 sec.).

What’s the procedure during the entrance exam?
Multiple design themes will be put forward, for all of which there will be plenty of time. Usual drawing and model-making materials will be sufficient. No prior knowledge or previous experience is necessary.

Why an interview?
An interview rounds off the whole process and provides an opportunity for us to look through your portfolio together, discuss your reasons for choosing this course and find out about your previous education.

Do I have to be able to speak German?
Knowledge of German is not required for the entrance exam. However, in choosing this course, you should take into account that the majority of the compulsory lectures on the curriculum are taught in German.

Is there an opportunity to discuss my portfolio with someone in advance?
We’d be happy to help. Please write to to make an appointment or send your portfolio for review by E-mail.
There’s also the opportunity to find out more and to talk to teachers and students at our open day.

What criteria are at play in the decision-making process?
The entrance exam is there to assess artistic and technical ability. An examination committee made up of a number of lecturers carries out the evaluation. They decide who is suited to the course and to whom a place will be offered.
They also make sure to keep a gender balance in the class.

How many candidates are accepted?
There are usually somewhat between 60 and 80 candidates. On average, we accept around 10 candidates per year. For these students, courses start on October 1st of the following winter term.

Why are there two Industrial Design classes?
There are two classes for Industrial Design (Industrial Design 1 and Design Investigations) due to the large number of applicants and students in this area. Both classes cover the same curriculum. The difference lies in the focus of the content taught, which is moulded and influenced by the individual teams.

Industrial Design 1 is headed by Stefan Diez. The 15–strong teaching team is made up of designers, architects, artists, a set designer and a plastics processor, some of whom are employed full-time at the university, whilst others run their own enterprises alongside their teaching responsibilities.

Please bear in mind that you have to decide on a specific Industrial Design class before you register. It’s therefore advisable to also have a look at the website of Industrial Design 2 (Design Investigations) at:

Where you find us
Department of Industrial Design 1
Schwanzer Wing, ground floor
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
1010 Vienna Austria

Criteria for Admission
Admission to the study program depends just as much on your entitlement to begin a university degree (general qualification for university entrance or equivalent) as on your passing the entrance exam. However, this entitlement won’t be checked until after you’ve passed the entrance exam, so there’s no need to bring the related documents to the exam with you.

We’re happy to send foreign applicants an invitation to the entrance exam. Please let us know in sufficient time if you need this to make the journey here.

Katrin Sailer
Industrial Design 1
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
1010 Wien
fon 00431 71133 2410
Instagram: angewandte_id

During lecture-free periods (particularly over the summer months) the best way to get in touch with us is by email.