The ambient light “Lead” quotes the luminosity, shape and glowing effect of historical church windows and aims to integrate them into the interior.

Intended for outdoor events such as music festivals or private parties that last a couple of days 

The curtain element is illuminated from the back and the front in order to highlight the structure and body of the fabric.

Instead of using sandblasting as a diffusion, the trapped air bubbles act as convex and concave lenses and disturb the light.

The project questions the connection between materiality and design with gender narratives and searches for possibilities of shifting meanings.

The project aims to draw attention to resource management and to criticize our recycling policy.

The “dismantled” structure allows manual adjustment of the distance between the lens and the light source, thus changing the focus and size of the light cone.

The “Delight” lamp offers adjustable, warm illumination, functioning as both a ceiling light and a personal cocoon. Its lightweight design lets you easily switch between brightening the room and creating a cozy retreat.

OHA focuses on repurposing foam waste as a visible decorative element, reducing waste and highlighting foam’s aesthetic and practical potential. The advent of LEDs has enabled new uses for foam in lighting.


Lights are everywhere. We illuminate in various circumstance with different purpose, from a city to a stage and to a focus.  Projects are developed along with 4 light product companies; FROM LIGHTING, VIBIA,  MIDGARD and EWO, with 4 groups focused on ‘Light Light’ for less-limited application of light, ‘Staged Light’ for control of light and color for dynamic stages,  ‘Guided Light’ for directed and focused light for targeted usage, and ‘City Light’ expanding the idea of city light usage from considering just the safety during darkness.