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To tuft heißt übersetzt so viel wie mit Büscheln verzieren.


The Diploma „3D robots tufting“ was a material research and a progress of a new production method. The vision was to create 3D textile surfaces on 3D objects through tufting and the aim was that all the work would be done by a 6 axis robot to create an industrial production process. This new production method could offer an alternative for furniture industry. Parts of upholsteries could be replaced through this new way of production. For the tufting process with the 6 axis robot a hand tufting gun was rebuilt and fixed on the robots arm. The tricky part of the project was to improve the tufting technique in three-dimensional space. Finding the right contact pressure, the ideal velocity of the tufting gun combined with the robot and many more factors had to be investigated to run production on the 6 axis robot.